• University: Cornell
  • Class of 2016

Bayalag Bayanmunkh

1. How did Orchlon school help you get into university?

Orchlon provided students with many different opportunities, ranging from clubs and sports to rigorous curriculum, that are essential to apply to universities. For me, I think it was the teachers and courses that helped me the most. Because A-levels are pretty intense, I was able to get high scores on my SAT subject tests without much preparation. The intensity of the courses helped me participate in olympiads and extracurricular activities, which US universities value a lot. Also, counseling helped a lot in deciding where I wanted to study at and knowing what my possible career options are.

2. What would you say (зөвлөх) to Orchlon students?

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. A lot of students think that there are certain checkboxes that you have to complete to get into universities, but in reality, what matters more is your experiences and what you learned from it. You don’t have to be a straight A student or a volunteer. Universities care more about what you learned from your failures or how you challenged yourself. I would say in middle school, try everything that you’re interested in, and settle on a few things in high school. Also, take every advice with a grain of salt. Everyone has different backgrounds and just because someone is successful, doesn’t mean you should follow everything they did.

3. What stage in your life are you at?

I am currently finishing my sophomore year at Cornell University, and will be graduating in December 2020. I’m going into the field of investment banking and will intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch this summer.

4. 3 things you’ve learnt at college?

– Appreciate the world around you, including family

– It is never the end: you might fail a class or get rejected from somewhere, but you have to move on. You will always have opportunities again so don’t give up easily.

– You can never please everyone: there will always be someone who will judge you or your work but don’t let that bring you down

5. Best thing about your university?

I think the academic flexibility is what I like the most about Cornell. I take a lot of classes outside my major and have the flexibility to change my major. Even within the major, I have many specific concentrations that I can choose from and this gives me the freedom to explore my interests before committing to a certain field.

6. Favorite quote?

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”