• University: 2011-2016 National University of Mongolia, Pennsylvania State University Master’s degree
  • Current job and Position: Lawyer at Mongol Ulsiin Hugjliin Bank

Norovdelger Chinzorig

1. How did Orchlon help you get you into Pennsylvania State University?

Orchlon has given me the academic and moral knowledge that shaped me as who I am today. It has helped me prepare myself to go university,and become a lawyer. I learned how to act correctly and communicate with people.

2. What would you say to orchlon students?

Always complete and finish tasks properly, and try your best at everything you do.Don’t ever do something with less care and importance,just because it is a small task or an easy thing to do. Every actions have outcomes . Always do the best you can, and it will bring you success.Always make sure if you did mistakes, and correct them.

3. What stage in your life are you at?

I am just starting my life, been studying and studying.Now my life is just beginning and i’m trying my best to become a good lawyer.I have just recently became an adult,so i have progressed from a teenager to an adult and now i’m at the age where I have a job, a profession, ands I’m starting to begin my career.

4. What are the three things you learnt at college?

I have learned three beneficial skills that are very important. The first skill is skim reading, which is reading something very quickly to get the general idea of the text you are reading.This is very helpful,when you are given an assignment to read and summarize. You can’t be reading the whole text,that’ll take too much time so skim reading is very important skill that is absolutely crucial in college.The second skill is debating,and the ability of speaking.There are many events and tasks that are given to you in college, and speaking is very important skill that you learn in college.The third skill is legal writing, which is  professional writing that is presented in court,which is important skill because I’m a lawyer.

5. What are the most important skills for today’s job market?

The most important skill is communication, and the ability of communicating with others very well.It is the most crucial ability that is needed for any type of job.If you can communicate well with others, you will be appreciated and have a higher chance of success.Respecting others and treating them equally is important as well,  this will increase your self image and status.In today’s job market, the one who can communicate well and work well with others will succeed,and having more knowledge won’t mean that you will have a great career and will succeed,because at the end of the day you will work with people no matter where you work at.

6. Favorite quote

It always seems impossible until it’s done-Nelson Mandela