• University: New York University Abu Dhabi
  • Class of 2018

Odmaa Bayaraa

How did Orchlon school help you get into university?

At Orchlon, the boundaries of what you are able to accomplish and do are really up to you. The A-level curriculum provided me with the necessary academic rigor and the amazing teachers and faculty all ensured that I was getting the most out of what I was doing. I constantly made use of the wide range of extra-curriculars and I think that really strengthened my application. I like to think that my time at Orchlon shaped me to have more confidence in myself and my university application was a reflection of that rather than the ultimate end goal.

What would you say (зөвлөх) to Orchlon students?

Have fun. Looking back at it, I loved being at Orchlon mainly because it was such an experimental process. I could try all sorts of things, fail and fall without fear and just enjoy my time learning. If you have already figured out what you want to do, great! If you haven’t, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. Remember that finding this mystical ‘passion’ is a long and hard process. Don’t be limited by the conventions of what people expect from you.

What stage in your life are you at?

 I am enjoying my time at NYU Abu Dhabi, waking up in the morning for practice, going to classes and finding time for extracurriculars. Even though I have an idea of where I want to be in the future, I am always ready for that to change. For now, I am just enjoying my time here.

3 things you’ve learned at college?

  1. Invest time in people. Whether it may be calling your family once in a while or having dinner with friends, go out of your way to make time for the people you love. While you are doing so, make sure you are present and in the moment.
  2. Be forgiving of yourself. You will make a tonne of mistakes. Remember, the key is to learn from them and move on, don’t linger on them.
  3. Routine is Key. From an exercise routine, to waking up and sleeping at a consistent time, having a set schedule can really help you improve your productivity and well being

The best thing about NYUAD ?

I still can’t believe that I am already in my second year here. The student body here is so diverse and eventhough it is cliché, living here has really helped me expand my perspectives and understanding of the world. Our university also has unparalleled research opportunities in many different disciplines. I think the best thing about NYUAD is that you consistently surprise yourself. Each semester you push yourself further and end up accomplishing and learning things that you couldn’t even imagine doing a year ago.