Since its establishment, Orchlon International School has been implementing many innovative ideas in its quest to continually develop its learning environment, systems of operation, activities and curriculum.
2015-2016 Academic yearOrchlon International School is opening a branch school (KG and grades 1-5)  in September 2015. The branch school is located in the Sukhbaatar district of Ulaanbaatar, approximately 3,5 km from the main campus.
2014-2015 Academic yearOrchlon International School moves to its new campus with a total area of over 15,000 square metres, consisting of a three-story school and kindergarten buildings with capacity for 1500 students, a theatre with 250 seats, a 50-metre length swimming pool with 3 lanes (due to open in spring 2015), and a gymnasium.
2010-2011 Academic year• July 26-30, 2010 – a team headed by Mr. BayaraaTs., math teacher, successfully participates in the International Mathematics Olympiad held in Incheon, Korea. Seven hundred  students from 26 different countries including China, Korea, Iran, Bulgaria, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Cyprus among other participated. Our primary students earn a silver medal as a team and students  Bodrol O., from class 6a, earns a bronze medal and Batzorig Z., also from class 6a, earns  a special award. • July, 2010 – Two students graduate with distinction certificates from CIE.• October, 2010 – Orchlon School receives the status of “Cambridge International School” for successfully implementing primary, secondary, IGCSE and A level programs. Thus on its 10th anniversary the school becomes the first International School with a Mongolian management team.• Nine students from public schools win scholarships from Energy Resource Company to study at Orchlon and five students win scholarships from Orchlon School to study here as well.• Orchlon Montessori Kindergarten becomes the Best Kindergarten of Ulaanbaatar.• Orchlon Health Club is awarded a certificate calling it, “An organization that truly supports public health”.• Ms. Tuya and Mr. Enkhbold, coaches in Orchlon Health Club, both earn the title of “Master of Sports”.• Orchlon School Catering now serves a healthy food selection along with a vegetarian option to its students and employees for lunch.• April 22, 2011 – Orchlon School becomes an “ECO school” and celebrates  Earth Day.• Orchlon International School starts an A level diploma program with 17 students in grade 11. • 56 students from grade 5 successfully sit the Cambridge primary Mathematics, Science and English language exams. They score well above the international average in Maths.• 47 students from grade 8 sit the Cambridge Checkpoint Maths (average score 5.5 out of 6), science (4.1 out of 6) and English (2.2 out of 6) exams.• 43 students from grade 10 sit the Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Chinese (scoring 100% including 5 A*s and 16 As) and Mathematics (19 A*s and As) exams.
2009-2010 Academic year

  • March 10, the school is authorized  to implement the Cambridge International Primary Program for children 5 to11 years old.  Orchlon  School becomesOrchlon International School

2008-2009 Academic year

  • The school starts implementing the Checkpoint and IGCSE programs
  • Fifteen students from grade 10 sit IGCSE exams in 8 different subjects
  • Eighteen graduates earn 800 out of 800 on English, two graduates earn 800 out of 800, and one graduate earns 797 out of 800 on the State Entrance Exam

2007-2008 Academic year

  • September 17-18, International Research Conference of Primary and Secondary Education Reform is held
  • February 1, the school is certified as the Best School in the Nation by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  • March 10, Orchlon Kindergarten becomes  an official Montessori educational kindergarten
  • May 27, CIE Asian experts visit and conduct reviews on circumstances to provide opportunities for implementing Cambridge Curricula.
  • June 11-August 11, three teachers attend an English Course in Singapore
  • June 18, Orchlon International School students receive 33 gold , 29 silver and 47 bronze medals, and 21 special awards from district, city and state Olympiads
  • July 10, the school  becomes an authorized CIE Centre

2006-2007 Academic year

  • The school begins using an online grading system and becomes the first e-school.
  • August 25, Orchlon International School commissions the construction of the additional B building and kindergarten 

2005-2006 Academic year

  • Orchlon students begin wearing uniforms
  • Orchlon Kindergarten is founded and starts operating
  • In April, the  Orchlon Complex health club, with swimming pool and gym, opens
  •  The Magic PR agency awards Orchlon School is  ‘’Mongolian Top’’ among educational organisations.
  • Mongolian Ministry of Education, Mongolian students’ Council choose Orchlon School as child-friendly school
  • February 6, the school is awarded the first ‘Best Independent School”  in the city and Sukhbaatar District
  • The school is awarded the distinction of being a “Health Supporting Organisation”
  • May 5-7, First Science Olympiad   in Mongolian is held, starting a tradition.
  • June 12-30, the school organizes the first middle school summer programs at Limai International School, Beijing
  • Orchlon International School students receive, 18 gold, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals, and 26 special awards from district, city and state Olympiads
  • August 25, the school expansion and construction of the kindergarten ‘s foundation stone-laying ceremony is conducted .
  • October 27, the school is chosen as a Child Friendly School by the Mongolian Children’s Organisation
  • 10th grade student Bilguudei receives bronze medal from a Science Olympiad held in Brazil

2004-2005 Academic year

  • Orchlon school students receive 15 gold medals,14 silver medals, 11 bronze medals and 3 special awards from state and district Olympiads in different subjects
  • February: The administration team of Orchlon School visits international schools in Singapore
  • June: A team of 15 teachers visits international schools in Beijing, China

2003-2004 Academic year

  • Orchlon School students receive 10 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 9 bronze medals and 1 special awards from state and district Olympiads in different subjects.
  • November 27: The Mongolian Ministry of Education and Mongolian Students’ Council choose Orchlon school as a child-friendly school.
  • Orchlon school awarded ‘’The Best School of the City’’

2002-2003 Academic year

  • Orchlon School students receive 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 9 bronze medals and 4 special awards from state and district Olympiads in different subjects.
  • November 14: Mongolian president N. Bagabandi visits Orchlon School.
  • Orchlon receives “Customer’s reliable partners’’ and ‘’Excellence in intellectual development’’ awards

2001-2002 Academic Year

  • Orchlon School students receive 2 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 4 bronze medals from state and district Olympiads in different subjects.
  • April 1: Grand opening of Orchlon School building.
  • ‘’Students’ lunch’’ project implementation starts with the help of the Food and Biotechnology school of Mongolian Science and Technology University.


  • May 1: foundation of Orchlon School is laid
  • May 8: The first Orchlon teachers’ conference is held at MCS holding
  • May 18: Enrollment and registration for the first school year starts
  • June 11: Establishment of Orchlon School; state registration certificate received
  • September 1st: Orchlon starts its first school year with 183 students, 23 teachers and staff; the school is temporarily based on the premises of  the Mongolian National University.
  • November 16:  Orchlon becomes a member of the Mongolian Private Schools Union.