Admission & Aid

An applicant who desires to gain admission to Orchlon International School will be required to fill out the enrollment application at the Office of Studies and pay the entrance examination fees to the finance office. The following subject examinations are required to be taken:

    ·        Mathematics (in English and Mongolian) 
    ·        Mongolian language
    ·        English
    ·        Science (in English)

Entrance examination
An applicant is requested to pass above examinations. An examination lasts from 40 to 120 minutes.

    ·        An applicant is required to bring a pen, a pencil and a ruler
    ·        Examination results will be given to an applicant after two days.
    ·        An applicant will be deemed as enrolled if the examination results average is 70% or more.
    ·       An applicant who is allowed to enroll will be interviewed by Head of Primary or Head of Secondary

If you have passed the exams successfully
    ·        Visit the Office of Studies for more information about tuition fees.
    ·        Sign an agreement with the Manager of Studies, Mrs. Enkhjargal B., and get the notice of class allocation and a Student ID.
    ·        Pay all the expenses related to uniforms, books, textbooks and lunch through the Student ID.
    ·        Attach the results of the required medical tests and references (details at admissions office)